HE President

V V Putin

This is the website of the Honourary Plenipotentiary of His Excellency President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin of the Russian Federation, for Africa and to the African Union.

HE President

V V Putin

Unmistakably the last two decades have been dominated by the Fight for Democracy all over the world. We have put this Fight for Democracy ahead of other critical issues like domestic Political Justice, Economic Justice, Social Justice and Technological Justice, in our developing countries; and we continue to do so.

I urge all people to Fight for Democracy in their countries and in particular in Africa and the Middle East, where Democracy is much needed. Do Not Be Afraid to Fight for Democracy - help for those whom Fight for Democracy will always be there.

In Africa and the Middle East we urge all countries to Democratic Republicanism or Constitutional Monarchy, as the case may be. We assure you that Russia will be present and will invest in the Development of Africa and the Middle East for the future.


A Regional Heavyweight

It is my considered opinion that the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should be the Leader of the Africa and Middle East Community in its dialogue with Russia, about Russia's presence and investment in the development of Africa and the Middle East.

He holds in my mind a special consideration for his ability to engage in meaningful dialogue with just about anyone from any country. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a critical state in the Africa and Middle East Community. Getting it on board the Fight for Democracy in Africa and the Middle East is essential for the success of the project.

The Fight for Democracy Continues

All across Africa and the Middle East people are crying out for Democracy and Free Markets, so too in Eastern Europe where Radical Subsidiarity should dictate that people should be free to choose the type of government that they want to work with to develop their nation and their people's prospects of a prosperous future. Russia is firmly committed to working with every nation of Africa and the Middle East to achieve Democratic Republicanism or Constitutional Monarchy.